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Want to feel strong, powerful and flexible?  Of course you do! A well-balanced training program is what you need! FITBODYBalance is an integrative training program that challenges your whole body.  I will develop a unique workout program for you that meets you at your level of fitness.
  • Core power!
  • Muscle building and toning without bulking (unless of course that is your goal!)
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Agility
  • Stress Management
We’ll challenge your muscles with resistant weights, functional training, and equipment FIT We’ll build strength in your core with Pilates BODY You’ll gain flexibility and balance with yoga  BALANCE


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Whether you’re presently fit and active or just starting out, one-on-one Personal and Pilates training will help you achieve your goals with an ability appropriate workout that is medicine for your health and well-being!

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Training is always designed to be Fitness Level / Age appropriate.  You must always consult a physician and be cleared for the recommended activities before starting an exercise routine. If at any time you feel unable, uncomfortable, in pain or overly sore from any of your activities ~ STOP